Civic Projects

In the ancient future, structures are not just physical constructions but embodiments of hope and progress. Here are some civic projects the Sky Captains of NeoArcadia have requested to improve life in the wastes.

Construction Rules

To build a Civic Project, a party must gather the required resources and bring them to the hex. Additionally, if the Civic Project involves constructing a building, the party must clear the hex before construction can begin. The standard construction process involves the following steps:

  1. Scout: The party must successfully scout the hex where they wish to build the Civic Project.

  2. Encounter Resolution: The party must confront all the regular encounters in the hex to clear the area for building. The party may choose the order that they resolve the encounters and do not have defeat combat encounters, just face them. This step ensures the safety and security of the construction site.

  3. Hexes with special encounters may not be built upon.

  4. Resource Allocation: The party must use all the gathered resources needed to construct the Project.

  5. Construction Complete: Once the construction is finished, the party updates the hex sheet with the new Project and removes the encounter table, signifying the completion of the construction.

Special Rule - Pooling Resources

In some cases, multiple parties may decide to collaborate and pool their resources for larger construction projects or to overcome significant challenges, such as clearing a particularly difficult hex. When parties decide to collaborate, they must agree on the following:

  1. Resource Sharing: Parties agree on how to split the cost of resources for the construction project.

  2. Cooperative Effort in Encounters: Parties take turns or work together to confront and resolve encounters in the hex. This cooperative effort is crucial in preparing the hex for the construction of larger or more complex projects.

  3. Joint Construction Effort: After clearing the hex and gathering the necessary resources, all parties involved contribute to the construction process of the Civic Project.

The pooling of resources and cooperative effort can lead to the successful completion of grander and more ambitious projects, benefiting all parties involved.

Wayfarer Beacon

Description: The Wayfarer Beacon is a towering structure, an amalgamation of ancient stonework and pulsing, arcane circuitry. Its core is a crystalline shard, humming with a mysterious energy that seems to resonate with the very fabric of the world. Positioned at strategic locations, these beacons serve as guiding lights and focal points for the realm’s brave explorers.

Building Cost:

Function: Grants a bonus of +1 when scouting the hex and +1 when foraging the hex, as the beacon’s energy sharpens the senses and reveals the subtle secrets of the land.

Trading Post - Building

Description: The Trading Post is a bustling hub of commerce, where ambitious traders meet to trade exotic goods and mundane necessities. The Trading Post is more than a mere shop; it’s a crossroads of civilizations, where every transaction tells a story.

Building Cost:

Function: Allows for the refreshing of rations at a “fair” price. The cost reflects the unpredictable nature of supply and demand in this ever-changing market. Parties can find sustenance, but the cost might vary based on the scarcity or abundance of goods at the time. Parties that aided in its construction may roll on the table without paying the cost. If they roll sold out, it is still sold out.

Ration Price Table

Roll (d6) Ration Price (in currency or trade goods)
1 Sold Out
2 100 Gold or 5 Trade Goods
3 80 Gold or 4 Trade Goods
4 60 Gold or 3 Trade Goods
5 40 Gold or 2 Trade Goods
6 20 Gold or 1 Trade Good


Description: The Guildhall is a majestic structure, its architecture a harmonious blend of ancient grandeur and futuristic innovation. It’s a sanctuary for the realm’s most valiant parties, a place where heroes gather, strategies are devised, and tales of valor are woven into the very fabric of history.

Building Cost:

Function: Serves as a base for parties to work from, providing a secure and resourceful haven where they can regroup, strategize, and share their experiences. When a party belonging to the Guild enters this hex, refresh all their stats, except luck.

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