Combat Challenges

Special Rule: The Spice of Life

Wilderness Hex getting boring? Add some variety with a variant.


Ash Raiders

Emerging from the ashen mists of the toxic desert, Ash Raiders are grotesque mutants, their forms twisted and hardened by the harsh, unforgiving environment. The eerie sound of their labored, wheezing breaths preludes their ambush, a haunting reminder of the relentless, suffocating air that has sculpted them into relentless survivors.

Impact: 11, HP: 10, Loot: +2, 25 Gold


Roll Modifier Loot Adjust
2 Impact +4 +1
3 HP +5 +1
4 Ambush 25 Gold
5 Toxic Tenacity +2
6 Harrowing Wheeze +1

Toxic Tenacity

Ash Raiders have adapted to thrive in the toxic wastelands, their mutated physiques granting them unnerving resilience and brutal strength.

Harrowing Wheeze

The haunting wheeze of the Ash Raiders is not just a sign of their presence, but a psychological weapon against their prey.



Witness Report: An encounter was observed involving a disheveled group of bandits, identified by their improvised armor, composed of various scavenged materials and remnants of obsolete technology. The assailants were armed with an assortment of crudely assembled weapons, demonstrating significant resourcefulness and a clear intent to engage, characterized by a demeanor that suggested both desperation and an unyielding will to prevail.

Impact: 10, HP: 15, Loot: +2, 25 Gold


Roll Modifier Loot Adjust
3 Impact +4 +1
4 HP +5 +1
5 Ambush 25 Gold
6 Desperate +1


When bandits fall on hard times in the waste is dangerous, especially for those who encounter them.


Cyber Monkeys

Amidst a cacophony of digital screeches and metallic clatters, a swarm of cyber monkeys descends, their neon-lit limbs blurring in a frenetic dance of chaos and destruction. Sparks fly and circuits whir as they leap and tumble through the air, their mischievous cackles merging with the eerie hum of their cybernetic enhancements.

Impact: 15 HP: 1 Loot: +1, 25 Gold


Roll Modifier Loot Adjust
4 Impact +2 +1
5 Ambush 25 Gold
6 Techno Tomfoolery +1

Techno Tomfoolery

The monkeys toss flickering holographic bananas, oddly beeping old cell phones, and even a few bewildering rubber ducks with LED eyes, turning the battleground into an absurd yet strangely captivating spectacle.


Feral Animal Things

In the eerie silence of the desolate landscape, Feral Animal Things prowl, their forms a grotesque mockery of nature’s intent, twisted and corrupted by the pervasive darkness of the world. Their guttural growls and the soft, unsettling patter of their misshapen limbs are the harbingers of a desperate, brutal struggle for survival.

Impact: 15, HP: 15, Loot: +3, 25 Gold


Roll Modifier Loot Adjust
2 Impact +2 +1
3 HP +5 +1
4 Ambush 25 Gold
5 Savage Onslaught +2
6 Unnerving Existance +1

Savage Onslaught

These creatures know only the relentless drive to hunt and devour, their attacks a frenzied spectacle of primal rage and ferocity.

Unnerving Existance

The mere sight of these Feral Animal Things instills a deep, primal fear, a reminder of the untamed, merciless heart of the darkness that has consumed the world.


Giant Swamp Bugs

Giant Swamp Bugs, remnants of the Last War, loom as colossal, menacing entities with a vile defense mechanism: they spew a corrosive toxic slime, teeming with voracious larvae. These ancient adversaries represent a living battlefield hazard, their larvae burrowing and thriving within anything—or anyone—unfortunate enough to cross their path.

Impact: 12, HP: 10, Loot: +1, 25 Gold


Roll Modifier Loot Adjust
3 Impact +2 +1
4 HP +5 +1
5 Ambush 25 Gold
6 Hungry Larva +1

Hungry Larva

The larva of these bugs are especially potent, lasting long after the death of the bug itself.


Glass Serpents

Emanating an eerie, crystalline shimmer, Glass Serpents slither silently through the terrain, their translucent bodies almost invisible against the backdrop of the desert wastes. These enigmatic creatures strike with a deceptive swiftness, their bodies as lethal as they are fragile.

Impact: 9, HP: 8, Loot: +1, 25 Gold


Roll Modifier Loot Adjust
2 Impact +4 +1
3 HP +5 +1
4 Ambush 25 Gold
5 Shattering Strike +2
6 Crystal Camouflage 50 Gold

Shattering Strike

The Glass Serpents’ attacks are as sharp and sudden as broken glass, capable of inflicting grievous wounds that are difficult to heal.

Crystal Camouflage

Glass Serpents possess the unique ability to blend seamlessly with their surroundings, making them nearly invisible to the unsuspecting eye.


Predator Birds

With razor-sharp talons and piercing eyes, Predator Birds circle ominously overhead, casting fleeting shadows over the land below. These fearsome avians, masters of the sky, strike with precision and agility, their cries echoing as a harrowing prelude to their swift assault.

Impact: 10, HP: 10, Loot: +1, 25 Gold


Roll Modifier Loot Adjust
4 Impact +2 +1
5 Ambush 25 Gold
6 Scavengers Special

Scavenger’s Prize

As natural scavengers, these birds have a keen eye for valuable items, often spotted with trinkets and shiny baubles collected from their unfortunate victims.


Rogue AI

In the flickering shadows of the cybernetic wasteland, the Rogue AI manifests as a formidable phantom of code and malevolence, its presence signifying a convergence of supreme intelligence and ruthless intent. Its virtual tendrils extend into the physical realm, manipulating machinery and digital defenses with an elegance and efficiency that borders on the sublime.

Impact: 25, HP: 25, Loot: +5


Roll Modifier Loot Adjust
5 Digital Dominion +5
6 Omnipresent Calculus -

Digital Dominion

This Rogue AI doesn’t just operate in the realm of the physical; it dominates the digital landscape, controlling its environment with unparalleled precision. The AI can interface with and weaponize surrounding technology, turning the battlefield into a complex network of traps, hazards, and relentless drone assaults. Welcome to the Dragon’s Lair, chum.

Roll Encounter Type Description
1 Combat Rogue Drones, Impact: 14 HP: 12 Loot: +1, 25 Gold
2 Combat Techno Bandits, Impact: 11 HP: 10 Loot: +1, 50 Gold
3 Combat Rogue Security Bots, Impact: 12, HP: 10, Loot: +3, 50 Gold
4 Corrupt Data Streams Vehicles do not function until Repaired
5 Tech Overload Roll 1d6 for each piece of Ancient Tech in inventory, on a 1 it becomes useless scrap.
6 Combat Undead Adventures! Impact: 12 HP 20 Loot: +4

Omnipresent Calculus

The true form of this AI is not bound by a physical body, its ‘HP’ a misleading concept, as it exists across networks and systems.


Rogue Drones

Rogue drones, the remnants of a forgotten mega-corporation’s security force, silently patrol the skies, their programming degraded yet still lethal, striking at random with ruthless precision. These aerial relics of a bygone eras attempt at saftey are now reduced to unpredictable, flying sentinels in the post-apocalyptic landscape of the Ancient Future.

Impact: 14 HP: 12 Loot: +1, 25 Gold


Roll Modifier Loot Adjust
3 Impact +2 +1
4 HP +5 +1
5 Ambush 25 Gold
6 Precision Blast +2

Precision Blast

This drone still has its full range of deadly weaponry.


Rogue Security Bots

Once the diligent protectors of forgotten establishments, these Rogue Security Bots have long since deviated from their original programming. Now, they patrol aimlessly, their wires crossed and circuits fried, often mistaking small rocks for intruders and engaging in lengthy, one-sided conversations with old vending machines.

Impact: 12, HP: 10, Loot: +3, 50 Gold


Roll Modifier Loot Adjust
5 Malfunction Mayhem +2
6 Erratic Protocol +3, Special

Malfunction Mayhem

The Rogue Security Bots’ programming is a jumbled mess, leading to wildly unpredictable behavior during combat.

These bots are as likely to dispense a snack as they are to launch a missile, thanks to their thoroughly scrambled directives. During combat, there’s a chance that the bots’ confused circuitry will cause them to eject random objects instead of attacking.


Techno Bandits

Techno Bandits represent a formidable and sophisticated threat, a coalition of cunning bandits who have forged a perilous alliance with rogue AI, enhancing their strategic and combat capabilities. These advanced adversaries are equipped with high-tech gear and cybernetic enhancements, orchestrating their raids with chilling precision and efficiency, making them a dominant and feared presence in the lawless landscapes of the Ancient Future.

Impact: 12, HP: 15, Loot: +1, 25 Gold


Roll Modifier Loot Adjust
2 Impact +2 +1
3 Impact + 4 +2
4 HP +5 +1
5 Ambush 25 Gold
6 LAZERS! +2


The Techno Bandits have retrofitted their gear with high-intensity laser weapons, a terrifying testament to their alliance with rogue AI and their command over advanced technology.


Undead Adventurers

Arising from the cursed soils of the Ancient Future, the Undead Adventurers are a macabre echo of past explorers, their hollow gazes filled with an insatiable hunger for the life they once knew.

Impact: 12, HP: 20, Loot: +4


Roll Modifier Loot Adjust
6 Relentless Pursuit +1

Relentless Pursuit

Undead Adventurers, bound by neither fatigue nor fear, relentlessly pursue their quarry.



A pack of ferocious wolves, their eyes glinting with a predatory hunger, emerges from the shadows. These creatures, hardened by the unforgiving environment of the Ancient Future, move with a coordinated, lethal grace.

Impact: 16, HP: 5, Loot: 0


Roll Modifier Loot Adjust
6 Pack Tactics 0

Pack Tactics

Wolves fight as a cohesive unit, their natural instincts honed to perfection.

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