In this vast ancient desert, the sands whisper secrets of a bygone era, their grains formed from the countless microprocessors of ancient data centers, a testament to a once-great civilization’s technological zenith.


Forage: 12
Scout: 8

Roll Encounter Type Description
1 Hazard Sandstorm: A sudden, blinding sandstorm engulfs the party, buffeting them with relentless, gritty winds. The abrasive force of nature takes its toll, party loses 1 SP as they struggle to find shelter and visibility is reduced to nearly zero.
2 Illusion Mirage: In the scorching desert heat, a deceptive mirage lures the party off course. If not chosen by scouting modifier, they find themselves Lost.
3 Omen Trail of Bones: An ominous path marked by the bones of the fallen sends a chilling message to the adventurers, sapping their morale. Party loses 1 will power, confronted by the stark reminder of mortality and the harshness of their journey.
4 Combat Glass Serpents Encounter: The party faces the unique and deadly threat of Glass Serpents, creatures as beautiful as they are lethal. Impact: 9 HP: 8 Loot: +1, 50 Gold
5 Combat Ash Raiders Ambush: From the ash-covered wastes, mutated raiders emerge to ambush the party. Impact: 10 HP: 10 Loot: +2, 50 Gold
6 Discovery Lost Ruins: The party uncovers the remnants of a forgotten building, hidden beneath the sands of time. This discovery prompts an opportunity to roll 2 Loot Dice

Terrain Types

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