In the dynamic world of the Ancient Future, the quintessential fighter is a seamless fusion of biological prowess and advanced technology. These warriors are augmented with sophisticated biological implants that enhance their physical abilities, reflexes, and sensory perception, pushing the boundaries of human capability. Encased in robotic exo-chassis, they become powerhouses on the battlefield, their movements amplified with mechanical precision and strength.

These exo-chassis, often artfully designed to echo the armor of ancient warriors, are equipped with an array of built-in weaponry and defense mechanisms, such as retractable blades or energy shields. The biological implants allow for a deep, intuitive connection with their robotic enhancements, creating a symbiotic relationship between the warrior and their armor.

This melding of organic and mechanical elements transforms the fighter into a living embodiment of both the past’s martial traditions and the future’s technological advancements, making them a formidable force in a world where the lines between biology and technology are increasingly blurred.

Stat Base
CM 1
HP 3
SP 1
WP 0
LP 1
RP 0


Some fighter skills necessitate having one or more hands free. This requirement is indicated as { X FH } after the skill name, with X being the number of free hands needed. Fighters start with 2 Free Hands. During the Prepare Phase, you can decide how to utilize your Free Hands.

Combat Stimms - PP Cost X (Max 3)

Integrated combat enhancers in the exo-chassis allow for a substantial increase in combat efficiency by converting the body’s electrical signal into noosphere commands.

Battle AI - PP Cost 2X

Advanced combat algorithms optimize your exo-chassis’s combat systems for superior performance.

E-Shield {1 FH} - PP Cost 2

Reinforced energy shields in the exo-chassis activate to absorb and negate a portion of incoming damage, providing critical protection in combat.

Aetherblade {1 FH} - PP Cost 2

High-frequency blade projectors augment your exo-chassis, channeling localized noosphere energy to intensify your strikes and slice through enemy defenses.

Spire Lance {2 FH} - PP Cost 2

Tactical coordination modules in the exo-chassis utilize the presence of allied Lances, enhancing your combat modifier by aggregating the sensory data of all Lancers.

Lead Belcher {2 FH} - PP Cost 3

This heavy weaponry upgrade equips your exo-chassis with devastating firepower, super heated blobs of metal launched from recessed shoulder launchers.

Heavy Armor - PP Cost 5

Enhanced plating and damage mitigation systems are integrated into the exo-chassis, significantly reducing the impact of combat damage and fortifying your defense.

Battle Cry - PP Cost 1

A motivational audio broadcaster in the exo-chassis amplifies your battle cry, allowing your voice to inspire the party with sheer determination and rallying spirit.

Pneumatic Clawed Gauntlets {2 FH} - PP Cost 2

These formidable gauntlet enhancements for your exo-chassis feature mechanized claws and pneumatic systems, dramatically increasing the damage inflicted upon enemies with each strike.

Character Creation

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