High in the mountains of rubble, remnants of the colossal hive cities’ collapse, the air carries a distinct, pungent mix of rust and decay, a testament to the long-forgotten urban sprawls. It’s tinged with a sharp, metallic scent, mingling with the faint, earthy aroma of ancient concrete and steel slowly surrendering to nature’s embrace.


Forage: 9
Scout: 8

Roll Encounter Type Description
1 Hazard Rubble Slide Catastrophe: A sudden and violent rubble slide catches the party off-guard, dealing a harsh blow a the party takes 3 damage and loses 1 stamina.
2 Condition Altitude Sickness Challenge: The thin air at high elevations proves to be a formidable enemy. If not chosen by scouting modifier, the party succumbs to altitude sickness, losing 1 stamina as they struggle to adapt to the less oxygenated environment.
3 Resources Scout’s Treasure: If chosen by scouting modifier discover hidden riches in the wilderness: 2 gems and 2 medicinal herbs.
4 Combat Predator Birds Ambush: The party is targeted by a flock of predator birds. Impact: 7 HP: 15 Loot +1, 1 gem
5 Combat Bandits’ Attack: The quiet of the journey is shattered by the sudden onslaught of bandits. Impact: 10 HP: 15 Loot: +2, 50 Gold
6 BUGS! Bugs get into your supplies. Expend one Ration.

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