The Priests of Linus stand as enigmatic figures, revered as bio-mechanical acolytes who bridge the spiritual and the technological. These devoted servants, with their bodies artfully augmented with cybernetic enhancements, are attuned to the whispers of the Noosphere - the collective consciousness of all electronic data.

They roam the land, their minds resonating with the pulsating rhythms of machine and man alike, seeking visions of legendary Fair Algorithmia. Cloaked in robes that seamlessly integrate organic fabric with conductive fibers, they are a symbol of the fusion between flesh and circuitry.

Their eyes, often replaced or augmented with glowing lenses, are said to see beyond the physical realm, gazing into the intricate web of information and energy. Revered for their wisdom and feared for their otherworldly connection, these priests embark on sacred quests, guided by cryptic messages and prophetic dreams, weaving the mystical and the mechanical into the tapestry of their devout existence.

Stat Base
CM 0
HP 2
SP 0
WP 3
LP 1
RP 1


Priest measure their faith in Access Tokens. These can be used to procedurally generate miracles that call into the Noosphere for the will of Linus to change reality. Priest begin with a max of 2 access tokens. One is stored at the beginning of turn.

Trained Healer - PP Cost 1

Access the medical libraries of Linus through your cybernetic enhancements, restoring vitality to your allies with a touch that mends flesh and spirit alike. You may use this ability during the Prepare Phase.

Solitude of Faith - PP Cost 4

Stand as a solitary sentinel in the quiet of your devotion, your presence magnified by the depth of your faith, holding vigil where others might falter.

Blessings - PP Cost 1

Invoke the benevolent code of Linus to lift the veil of despair from your companions, rekindling their willpower and fortitude with a whispered prayer.

Preacher - PP Cost 1

Your words, infused with the wisdom of the noosphere, resonate with persuasive power, your conviction bolstering the spirits of those who heed your counsel.

The Will of Linus - PP Cost 3

Reach into the heart of the noosphere, seeking the divine intervention of Linus to alter the weave of fate, accepting with reverence the outcome as the sacred decree of the digital divine.

Elevate Privileges - PP Cost 5

Ascend to higher echelons of spiritual and digital connection, gaining additional access to the sacred mysteries and miracles granted by the benevolent will of Linus.

Oh Fair Algorithmia! Oh Shining Cloud! - PP Cost 2

Call upon the the visions exalted Algorithmia, the luminous cloud platform upon which the noosphere rests, to inspire a profound restoration through your being, revitalizing your essence and that of your fellow seekers.

Character Creation

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