In the heart of the desolate cityscape, towering buildings and crumbling structures stand as silent sentinels over streets eerily devoid of both human and mutant life. The pervasive stillness is unsettling, a haunting testament to a sudden, mysterious exodus that left the city frozen in time, a ghostly urban maze untouched by the living.

Ruined Cityscape

Forage: 7
Scout: 12

Roll Encounter Type Description
1 Hazard Collapsed Building Challenge: The party must carefully navigate through the dangerous terrain of a collapsed building. The treacherous journey results the party taking 3 damage, but also presents an opportunity to make 2 Loot Rolls.
2 Supernatural Ghostly Apparitions Encounter: Unseen forces test the party’s resolve as ghostly apparitions emerge. If not chosen by scouting modifier, party loses 1 WP.
3 Resources Ancient Tech Discovery: If chosen by scouting modifier, discover of 1 piece of Ancient Tech. This rare and valuable find promises to enhance the party’s capabilities.
4 Combat Rogue Security Bots: The remnants of a forgotten defense system become a lethal threat as Rogue Security Bots engage the party. Impact: 12 HP: 10 Loot: +3, 50 Gold
5 Combat Feral Animal Things Attack: The wilderness reveals its ferocity with the emergence of Feral Animal Things. Impact: 15 HP: 15 Loot: +4, 50 Gold
6 Combat Rogue AI Ambush: A highly advanced and unexpected threat emerges as a Rogue AI orchestrates an ambush. Impact 25 HP 20 Loot +5

Terrain Types

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