In the vast expanses of the Ancient Future, Scouts stand out as the quintessential navigators and explorers, many of whom honed their skills in the tumultuous times of the Last War. These born adventurers are driven by an insatiable curiosity, not only to uncover hidden riches but also to unearth distant memories and forgotten tales that lie scattered across the land.

With an innate proficiency in charting unexplored territories and deciphering cryptic maps, Scouts possess a unique blend of practical survival skills and a deep yearning for discovery. They are adept at reading the subtle signs of nature and unraveling the secrets of the most treacherous landscapes.

However, despite their bravery and expertise, Scouts harbor a peculiar and intense hatred for bugs. Some say this is a lasting legacy of the Last War, but most scouts are unwilling to speak of the exact reason. Those who do tell tales that are as unbelievable as they are grisly.

Stat Base
CM 0
HP 3
SP 2
WP 0
LP 1
RP 1


Never Lost - PP Cost 2

Channel your unparalleled orientation skills to navigate through the enigmatic wilds of the Ancient Future, dispelling confusion and ensuring your path remains true and unerring.

Covert Maneuver - PP Cost 4

Employ your stealth and cunning to reconnoiter upcoming territories without alerting potential threats, making informed decisions that keep your party one step ahead of danger.

Terrain Knowledge (Type) - PP Cost 1

Draw upon your intimate understanding of specific landscapes to master the art of moving through them, turning every stone and leaf into a guide and ally in your explorations.

Opportunist - PP Cost 2

Utilize your keen adaptability to alter the course of your journey, shifting the odds in your favor as you deftly navigate the unpredictable wilderness of the Ancient Future.

Army Scout - PP Cost X (Max 4)

Infuse your combat techniques with the precision and efficiency learned from your time in the Last War, ensuring that each strike is as strategic as it is lethal.

The Only Good Bug . . . - PP Cost 1

Embrace your deep-seated aversion to bugs, channeling it into a fierce combat prowess that makes you a relentless force against these skittering foes of the Ancient Future.

Energy Conservation - PP Cost 2X

Cultivate your stamina and endurance through meticulous energy management, allowing you to traverse the vast and treacherous landscapes of the Ancient Future with unwavering resilience.

Character Creation

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