In this vast swamp, the air is filled with a symphony of life — the chorus of frogs, the buzz of insects, and the distant calls of hidden creatures — all resonating above the subtle, dissonant gurgles and echoes from the decaying waste processing plants. These sounds mingle eerily, creating a haunting acoustic tapestry that tells a story of nature’s resilience overshadowed by the remnants of a once-polluting past.


Forage: 7
Scout: 8

Roll Encounter Type Description
1 Trap Quickslime Trap Encounter: A seemingly harmless path reveals its danger as a quickslime trap ensnares the unwary. The Party is faced with a choice: expend 1 SP to carefully navigate through or suffer 2 damage from the ensnaring slime’s grasp.
2 Hazard Toxic Fumes Peril: The air turns treacherous with the release of toxic fumes. If not chosen by scouting modifier, party member breathes in the harmful air, losing 1 SP.
3 Resources Fortuitous Find: If chosen by scouting modifier, the party discovers either 4 medicinal herbs and 1d6 gems.
4 Combat Giant Swamp Bugs: The marshlands reveal their hidden defenders as Giant Swamp Bugs emerge to challenge the party. Impact: 10 HP: 10 Loot: +1, 25 Gold
5 Combat Rogue Drones Confrontation: The sky darkens with the threat of Rogue Drones, gone awry from their original programming. Impact: 10 HP: 12 Loot: +1, 50 Gold
6 Discovery Ancient Machinery Revelation: Amidst their travels, the party uncovers an ancient water purifier, a relic of past civilizations. This discovery allows them to refresh their rations, providing a vital resource for their journey.

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