In the wilderness of the Ancient Future, nature has reclaimed the relics of a once-advanced civilization, intertwining overgrown forests with the rusted skeletons of forgotten technology. This untamed landscape is a patchwork of dense greenery and eerie, abandoned ruins, where the whispers of the past meet the primal breath of the wild, creating a world both hauntingly beautiful and mysteriously perilous.


Forage: 7
Scout: 8

Roll Encounter Type Description
1 Navigation Misdirection: The party faces the threat of disorientation in unfamiliar territory. Spend 1 R of they find themselves Lost.
2 Hazard Thorn Brush Encounter: Venturing through dense vegetation leads to an unexpected encounter with a thorn brush. If not chosen by scouting modifier, the party suffers 1 damage from the sharp, hidden thorns.
3 Supernatural Night Screams: The eerie howling of rogue AI disrupts the night, a chilling reminder of technology gone awry. The haunting voices penetrate the psyche of each party member, resulting in the loss of 1 WP.
4 Combat Ambushed by Wolves: The party is challenged by a pack of wolves, ferocious in their natural habitat. Impact: 10 HP: 5 Loot: 0
5 Combat Bandits: An ambush by bandits tests the party’s readiness and combat skills. Impact: 10 HP: 15 Loot: +2, 50 Gold
6 BUGS! Bugs get into your supplies. Expend one Ration.

Terrain Types

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