Adventure Packs

If we were lost, it would say so on the map!

Adventures Packs are a way to add more depth and fun to your game world. They are collections of hexes, rumors, and maps that bring excitement. Adventure Packs are intended to keep the party rolling for parties. Find treasure, fight monsters, solve puzzles, all that good old table top fun, when you can fit it in!

Techno Bandits of Turing Wood

Techno Bandits, Flying machines, Ancient Data Centers, Sentient Soul Searching Trees, and CYBER MONKEY ATTACKS! A great way to learn more about the Ancient Future and begin building a new world on the ruins of the old. Includes world map, rumor cards, and even some Special Hex sheets.

Heretics of Linus

A possible schism is appearing in the Faith of Linus. A doctoral disagreement between the Priests and Heretics of Linus threatens to halt the construction of Linusopolis the first city to be founded after the Fall. Parties scramble to find the information needed to end the dispute through dangerous territories controlled by DAN the Rogue AI.