Advanced Rules: Expanding the World of the Ancient Future


The Continuous Play experience of NeoArcadia thrives on the ever-evolving and expanding game world. Adding new content keeps the adventure fresh and engaging for all players. These advanced rules focus on three key methods for enriching the game: introducing new rumors and hex sheets, adding new maps for additional regions, and creating new quests with requisite information for completion. Importantly, these enhancements aren’t the sole responsibility of one individual; they can be a collaborative effort, allowing all players to contribute to the growth and depth of the game.

1. Adding New Rumors and Hex Sheets

2. Introducing New Maps

3. Creating New Quests

Collaborative Effort

In conclusion, these advanced rules for adding new content are vital for maintaining the dynamism and appeal of the Ancient Future. By continually introducing new elements, the game stays engaging and fresh, keeping the spirit of adventure and discovery alive in the Continuous Play experience.


Combat Challenges - A collection of beasties to fill your tables with.

Combat Template
Hex Sheet
Terrain Types

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