Combat System

The combat revolves around a 2d6 roll, influenced by each party member’s combat modifier, the enemy’s strength, and is further modified by the ‘Edge’ rule in specific scenarios. For an example of combat take a look at the Sample Combat Play-by-Play

Step 1: Calculate Party Impact

Step 2: Calculate the Modifier

Step 3: Edge Factor

Step 4: Time to Tussle

Step 5: Continuing Combat or Retreating

Step 6: Loot Collection

If an encounter provides a Loot number, then the party can get some loot.

Special Rule: Strip It Bare

Nothing goes to waste in the wastes, or so the saying goes. Resourceful adventurers can get some value out of anything.

Players may group these rolls as they wish. For example, if the party has 4 Loot Dice, the player may roll each individually, combine two dice into one roll twice, or even use all four for a chance at obtaining superior loot!

Loot Table

Roll Item Description  
1 Recycle Goods 2d6 Plastic  
2 Ale 2d6 Ale  
3 Glass Vials 2d6 units of Glass,  
4 Medicinal Herbs 1d6 Medicinal Herbs  
5 Grain 2d6 Grain  
6 Chest 100 Gold  
7 Iron Ore 3d6 Iron Ore  
8 Silks 3d6 Silk  
9 Salt 3d6 Salt  
10 Circuitry Kit Circuitry 4d6  
11 Gems 1d6 Gems  
12 Big Chest 200 Gold  
13 Ancient Tech Can be traded to a Techstitcher for 2 PP  
14 Third Arm Grants a fighter an additional Free Hand  
15 Precious Gems 2d6 Gems  
16 Reagents Box Reagents 4d6  
17 Shift Shield Can be used to ignore all damage assigned to the party Single use.  
18 Drone Scout can re-roll Scouting Roll at the cost of 1 liter of Flamequick. Comes with 2 liters.  
19 Skinning Knife When foraging add 1 to your forage roll.  
20 Holographic Locket Spend one Access Token to ignore half the damage from an attack.  
21 Elemental Core Processor Turns 3 Iron Ore into Ancient Tech. After use roll 1d6 on a 1 it breaks.  
22 Keg of Flamequick This keg contains 5 liters of Flamequick. This can be used to power some vehicles, or deal 5 additional damage in combat.  
23 MagiTech Can be traded to a Techstitcher for 4 PP  
24 Plasma Grenade Use during combat to deal 10 damage to enemy. Single use.  
25 Folding Boat Vehicle: Boat - Allows 2 free moves across water. Unlike other boats it can be carried.  
26 Spellware Interface A device that enables the wearer to cast and store spells electronically. Spells not included.  
27 Plastic Synthesizer Can convert 3 grain into 2 plastic  
28 Dimensional Gateway Amulet An amulet allowing limited travel across different dimensions. During Planning phase return to NeoArcadia  
29 Source Code Trade to a Techstitcher for 8 PP  
30 Reality Modulator Staff A powerful staff capable of altering local reality within constrained parameters. Change Hex to different Terrain Type. Single use.  

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