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NeoArcadia is a game designed for long-term play, offering a Continuous Play Experience. Envision a game evolving over not just hours, but weeks and months, continuously welcoming new players into its ever-changing world. This approach marries the charm of classic play-by-post war games with the dynamic interactivity of modern tabletop gaming.

How It Works:

Game Pieces


  1. Lay out the Map.
  2. Shuffle the Rumor Deck.
  3. Place Party Markers on NeoArcadia
  4. Arrange the Hex Sheets in numerical order.
  5. Set up the Environment System.

Drawing from the Rumor Deck

When you draw from the rumor deck you may record any information you wish, then shuffle the rumors back into the deck for other parties to hear. You may instead choose to spread the rumor by placing it face up in the play area.

Rolling Dice

Most dice rolls in NeoArcadia use the following formula.

Xd6 + Good Stuff - Bad Stuff = Degree of Success

Special Rule: Better Lucky, Than Dead


Let’s say you were scouting a new hex with a Scouting Difficulty of eight. You roll 2d6, resulting in a a 2 and a 6 for a total of eight. If you had a scout with Terrain Knowledge you would add one. Then you would subtract the Scouting Difficulty of the Terrain with the result being 1.

8 + 1 - 8 = 1

That would give you a scouting bonus (the degree of success) equal to 1.

Some rolls like combat have bad effects if the number is negative, like the party taking that much damage.

Turn Order

  1. Environment Turn
  2. Existing Players’ Turns
  3. New Players’ Turns

Player’s Turn

Players proceed through their turn in the following phases:

  1. Prepare Phase
  2. Embark Phase
  3. Encounter Phase
  4. Recover Phase

More Adventure, More Fun!

Defeated the Techno Bandits? Survived the Braying-Leviathan?

Check out the Advanced Rules to create more excitement for your game.

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