Hmph, you’re here for some tech magic from old 2a5h, aren’t you? Don’t expect any miracles though; it’s hard enough making sense of this ancient clutter without some priest breathing down my neck. This piece? Yeah, it was something fancy once, a quantum processor or some such. Soon it’ll be a water filter relay server, aka something worth a damn.” - 2a5h, Techstitcher


Techstitcher 2a5h represents the pragmatic and industrious nature of Techstitchers in the Ancient Future. These skilled artisans are the backbone of practical technology, laboring to re-purpose the remnants of a more advanced past into tools and devices essential for current survival. Their workshops are a jumble of innovation and hard work, where ancient technology is painstakingly transformed. While Techstitchers like 2a5h focus on the tangible reconstruction of these relics, their work often intersects with that of the priests. The priests, who are the guardians of technological lore and understanding, frequently oversee and guide the Techstitchers’ work, ensuring that their creations align with the sacred knowledge and principles of the past. This relationship can be tense, with Techstitchers valuing hands-on utility and tech priests prioritizing adherence to tradition and deeper understanding. Yet, together, they form a crucial symbiosis in the Ancient Future, blending practical ingenuity with historical wisdom to navigate and sustain their world.

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