Party Creation

In the heart of the Ancient Future is the formation of your party, the genesis of an epic saga. As you assemble your band of warriors, hunters, priests, and scouts, remember that each member brings not just skills and stats, but a chapter of a greater story, their unique strengths and quirks shaping the adventures and trials that await in the wild and wondrous realms of the unknown.

You can use the Party Sheet to help build and track your party.

Step 1. Choose Party Size and Allocate Power Points (PP)

New parties start with 4 characters and 30 PP

You may add an additional character for 5 PP, up to a maximum of six characters.

You can distribute PP among any characters in the party. You don’t have to use all of your PP, but your party may end up missing vital skills.

Step 2. Select Character Types for Each Character

Step 3. Create the Characters

Step 4. Form the Party

Step 5. Record Starting Gear

Step 6. Hear Some Rumors

Play the Game

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